Music for Dementia radio launches iOS app and ‘listen again’ function

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Music for Dementia (m4d) Radio has launched a new iOS app and ‘listen again’ function to make it easier to listen to and personalise.

Internet-based m4d Radio was developed specifically for people living with dementia and their carers and aims to help them connect through music and soothe often distressing symptoms of the disease, including anxiety and agitation.

The m4d Radio app, available free from the Apple app store, is designed to enable users to quickly identify which music stream they wish to listen to.

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Upon opening the app, listeners are presented with colourful stripes depicting each of the five different era-specific music streams offered by m4d Radio. Selecting an era takes them to a colour co-ordinated page to start the music and view the name of the song playing together with the relevant album cover. 

Listeners can also request a song and view the schedule for the popular Mix stream. Android app versions are currently being tested with a view to release later this year.

A ‘listen again’ function, which features previous programmes and celebrity playlists, is also now available.

The drag and drop system enables users to choose up to six hour-long programmes to listen to at their leisure. Each programme icon incorporates an (i) symbol which expands to show the list of songs within it.

The programme library currently extends to 18 choices, incorporating different genres, special occasions and artists, with plans to continually extend the selection.

Grace Meadows, Music for Dementia Director, said: “We know that many care settings use iPads and visiting relatives often use iPhones to play music, and it has always been our intention to create an app for m4d Radio to make finding the station and playing meaningful music even simpler.

“The new listen again feature offers carers and family members the opportunity to personalise up to six hours of music, providing greater flexibility for when and how to use the power of music to make connections with people living with dementia. For example, we know Irish music is very popular with some of our listeners so we’ve included a playlist selected by Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell called St Patrick’s Day. We’re delighted at how simple the drag and drop system is to use and are confident it will bring many hours of pleasure to our listeners.

“When we launched m4d Radio last June, we were committed to developing and improving it through working with people with dementia and carers and taking on board their feedback. We are continuing to involve listeners in this process so that our offer truly reflects their preferences and wishes.”

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