New CareLineLive features drive preventative care and share vital signs with emergency services


CareLineLive has announced new features within its cloud-based platform to widen the circle of care to external stakeholders, such as GPs and emergency services, and help carers become more responsive and proactive to potential issues.

The new capabilities, partly funded by Innovate UK, allow carers to easily record observations on their clients’ physical and mental welfare, such as fluid intake and blood pressure and glucose readings.

New features will also allow carers to take images to log potential issues, as well as providing agencies with the ability to follow the correct procedures and to record any incidents, giving other stakeholders comprehensive information about any concerns reported. 

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With the CareLineLive Care Circle portal already helping to make families, friends, agencies and carers better informed and connected, the new updates will extend the circle of care to other stakeholders such as GPs and emergency services, who will have greater visibility on individual client needs.

Home care managers will be able to assign roles, detailing who can see what information on a client within the Care Circle. One feature includes a QR code being made available to emergency services in a client’s home, so that they can instantly see details, on a one-off basis, including clients’ medication and other care details, empowering quick and efficient treatment. 

For agencies and carers, the improved data insights from observations taken with the CareLineLive Carer Companion App will allow agencies to understand trends and foresee potential problems before they arise.

This is expected to enable the provision of better person-centred care for clients, and help to ease the burden on the NHS, with fewer older and vulnerable people needing to be hospitalised in emergency circumstances. 

Josh Hough, MD and Founder, CareLineLive, commented: “Our new product features will support homecare agencies in realising the benefits of becoming more data-driven and help them to make proactive decisions on a client’s welfare and care. Too often, clients receiving care at home are hospitalised for issues that could have been alleviated through earlier intervention. Our technology is changing the way care is delivered for the better, by ensuring that agencies and carers can preempt any potential problems.”

Hough continued: “By making it easier for GPs, emergency services and other stakeholders to have access to real-time information about an individual’s physical and mental health, we hope that our technology will begin to have a greater impact on the health and social care sector as a whole. With NHS teams still battling the pandemic, it’s important that we help to reduce hospital admissions where possible and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that our new software features have going forward.”

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