Device launched to deliver ‘step in change’ in pressure ulcer prevention

Provizio Sem Scanner – Full body Scan result POS

A new hand-held, wireless scanner has been launched to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers in people of all age age groups, across all health and care settings.

BBI Europe, which specialises in biometric sensor-based medical dives, said the product will alleviate the health problem in the UK, where 76% of adults know somebody who has suffered from a pressure injury or ulcer (PI/PUs), according analysis from the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

The company said the ProvizioEM Scanner is the only SEM Scanner that acts as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment and provides enhanced insight and risk identification five days earlier than visual skin assessment.

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Martin Burns, CEO of BBI said: “PI/PUs are common in all healthcare settings and are an underappreciated public health issue.  Where our SEM Scanner is in use, it results in a 90% (weighted) reduction in hospital acquired PI/PUs in acute care sites. We believe our Provizio™ SEM Scanner will encourage even more adoption of this technology and allow health care professionals to successfully manage the problem.

“People tend to assume that it is only the elderly or wheelchair users who experience a PI/PU but they are wrong.  We recently spoke to a 49-year-old woman who went in for a double mastectomy following breast cancer, who suffered from two category 3 PI/PUs.”

The device scans and collects patient data in real-time, site-by-site and patient-by-patient. When placed in the Provizio™ Charging Hub, the collected data automatically transfers to the ‘Gateway Dashboard’ so that care providers can manage the problem easier and faster.

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