Nottinghamshire petrol station agrees priority access for care workforce thanks to Your Home Care


Start-up home care provider Your Home Care has struck an agreement with the owner of a Nottinghamshire petrol station to give a priority service to health and social care workers in the area.

With many garages running short on fuel, care workers across the country are struggling to fill their tanks up, causing delays to visits.

National operators and the government have so far come up short when it comes to supporting home care workers to gain priority access to petrol, with some staff being turned down as essential workers by supermarket stations.

With this in mind, Scott Marsh and Paul Pitchford, co-founders of Your Home Care, which launched last year, approached Sivapalan Krishanand (Kris) who runs the BP Royal Garage in Huthwaite, for his help.

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Kris has now agreed to offer dedicated, exclusive time slots to health and social care workers between 6am and 7am, and from 9.30pm to 10.30pm every day until the fuel crisis dies down.

ID badges will need to be produced before fuel is purchased.

Scott Marsh said: “We couldn’t wait for the crisis to die down, and we have been disappointed with national operators being slow to help health and social care workers.

“Not that long ago people were clapping for the sector to show support, but nothing was being done. After all, home care workers are essential workers, whose jobs make so much difference to a person’s life.

“So, after getting knocked back from supermarket chains, we spoke with Kris and he has stepped up to the mark to really help out and we are so grateful for him in doing this. 

“He understands the issues and has shown tremendous spirit in getting this sorted for people in our communities.”

Kris commented: “I am pleased to be able to help. Home care workers need to get to work and so this is our small way of helping out.”

As well as for Your Home Care staff, time slots are for any health and social care workers, and NHS staff.

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