One-fifth of home care workers remain in role for more than a decade


Twenty percent of home care workers in Wales have been in their role for more than decade, challenging the perception about retention in the social care sector.

A report by Social Care Wales also found that two-thirds (44%) of the workforce have been in their current role for more than two years.

As of June 1, there were 19,637 domiciliary care workers on the Register of Social Care Workers in Wales, which was opened to the workforce in April 2018 and became mandatory to register on April 1, 2020.

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That’s more than double all the health care assistants and ambulance staff working in the NHS and 4,000 more than was forecast at the start of the process.

David Pritchard, registrar at Social Care Wales, said the data debunks the perception that a job in social care is a “brief stepping stone to something else”.

“This should give us confidence in investing in this workforce. Putting resources into the sector to support individual learning and development is not going to be wasted,” he added.

The report also found that 64% of domiciliary care workers have an appropriate qualification, while most of the remainder of the workforce are working towards one.

“Like many others in the sector I have often heard arguments that care jobs are done by people with few skills. This report shows this is plain wrong,” said Pritchard.

“This report shows a trained workforce with skills specifically developed for the roles they hold.

“This is important to me because it shows there is a strong foundation of professional development in our workforce.”

Pritchard concluded that through registration, the social care sector can put together training that will support workers to “go to the next level with confidence”.

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