PANEL DISCUSSION: Why should home care providers implement digital technology?


A panel of experts have spoken about the benefits of home care providers implementing digital technology into their businesses.

Speaking at the UKHCA Digital Solutions conference, suppliers of home care digital solutions agreed that digitisation allows care providers to be more efficient, sustainable, innovative and commercial.

Nick Shah, director of operations at CareLineLive said: “Digitisation is something that is needed in today’s world to make your businesses run efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

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“This is not just something that is unique to home care – digitisation of workflow processes is something that is happening in every sector and every business worldwide, and there are solution providers like us in all those different sectors.

“The other reason why digitisation is absolutely necessary is that home care, rightly so, is a regulated sector and the regulator is demanding digitisation in order to drive up the standards of care.”

Kane Caswell, sales director at Nursebuddy, echoed Shah’s points, adding that technology makes the workforce happy.

“It makes people’s lives easier, and because of that, their lives are happier. This applies to all the different levels, from the care manager to the care workers on the frontline. And because they are happier, retention rates improve,” he said.

“We’ve done several surveys to test this and we found that it also helps hugely with recruitment. Technology is attractive to prospective employees.”

Taffy Gatawa, chief information and compliance officer at everyLIFE Technologies argued that technology is an enabler of innovation.

“One of the things we heard talked about is ‘if everybody is outstanding, how do you distinguish yourself?’ so I think one of the benefits that technology can unlock is that ability to innovate,” she said.

“Technology enables you to redesign your service to work in a different way and we know that with the growing demand for services and the increasing ageing population, people are going to have to innovate and work in different ways than they are currently doing today.”

Sharjil Kamal, care executive at Birdie, added that digital technology also leads to a more engaged workforce.

“We find with the agencies who work with technology, everyone from the carers to the care coordinators feel that they are up-skilling. They also feel more engaged with their work when they are using technology,” he said.

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