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Working alongside NHS workers, Peter Seldon has gone above and beyond his CEO duties and has significantly contributed to the UK’s response to the pandemic.

He has continued to advocate live-in care and was extremely vocal in recommending that the NHS rethink their stance on elderly patients, urging the government to make live-in care the “default NHS discharge strategy” for the elderly.

Peter stressed that the pandemic was the catalyst for change the health sector needed to shift perspective and address the shortcomings of elderly care.

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Peter’s holistic approach to elderly care is at the forefront of everything he does and, wanting to provide the necessary equipment for carers, he went about securing essential PPE, which was not only costly, but also extremely difficult to obtain.

Outraged by those who were charging extortionate prices for PPE, Peter called-out these companies to hold them accountable for their profiteering approach to the pandemic.

With the NHS facing unimaginable pressure, Peter appeared on Sky News to discuss the company’s PCR testing scheme using salvia samples, which was supported by the expertise of a UK-based genetics company.

In addition to the PCR saliva test and with Peter at the helm, a Covid-19 Instant Antibody Test was also deployed to safeguard live-in carers and their clients.

The introduction of the Quarantine Hotels and the cost attached to them was also an issue Peter fervently objected to and resulted in a letter to Tonbridge’s MP and Matt Hancock.

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