Political will to find solutions for poultry and HGV sectors must extend to social care, says care leader

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The National Care Forum (NCF) CEO Vic Rayner has called on the government to take action to address immediate concerns facing the adult social care sector.

In a letter to news editors, Rayner said the last remaining dedicated funding for social care to deal with COVID will come to an end tomorrow, yet the requirements it intended to fund, including testing and infection prevention control, remain unchanged.

On top of this, the sands that hold up the delivery of social care are “shifting at speed” and the workforce crisis is “escalating at a rate of knots”, she said.

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“All the talk of reform does nothing to address immediate concerns,” Rayner added.

The NCF leader said that while the government is working to find a solution to the poultry worker and HGV driver shortage, social care is being left behind.

“I don’t believe for one moment that the general public care more about whether they have a turkey on their table at Christmas than ensuring someone needing care and support gets consistent high quality care to enable them to live an independent life as part of their community,” she said.

“The political will to find a solution for the poultry industry, for the HGV sector, for the fuel pumps must extend to solutions for people who need care and support. The government must take action and the public must hold them to account.”

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