Respectful Care launches ‘New Chapter’ training scheme for over 50s

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Respectful Care, a domiciliary care provider based in the East Midlands, has implemented a new training scheme tailored towards the 50-plus demographic.

The launch follows a surge in recruitment in October, with a third of applicants aged 50 and over.

Offering flexible hours, the ‘New Chapter’ scheme enables carer trainees to choose work patterns that suit their schedule.

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In addition, the training is bespoke, with the scheme allowing prospective trainees to specialise in certain fields of care.

Fully funded by Respectful Care, the initiative aims to build upon the transferable skills, experience and people skills of those aged 50 and over, whilst offering room for personal development and growth.

Mark Docherty, CEO of Respectful Care, said: “October was a record-breaking month for us, as we saw a surge in recruitment resulting in 52 hires in just one month. We noticed that over a third of applications received over the past two months were from those aged 50 plus, which led to the eventual launch of the scheme.

“It seems that people are realising that there are alternatives to taking early retirement, with many wanting to keep life exciting by taking up a rewarding and fulfilling second career. Respectful Care provides fantastic opportunities for older people to become carers – we have excellent working conditions and offer very good rates of pay. 

“Following the launch of our New Chapter training scheme, we are very much looking forward to seeing a further surge in applications from the 50 plus demographic. We believe mature carers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the role and are invaluable to the care industry as a whole.”

Sarah Clarke

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