REVEALED: The Top 20 Home Care Solutions of 2020


Last month, Home Care Insight called on professionals in the adult social care sector to nominate what they predict will be the pivotal solutions to transform domiciliary care provision in the year ahead.

Now, after much deliberation, we can reveal the industry’s Top 20 Home Care Solutions of 2020.

Those featured include start-up companies and established suppliers that have developed innovative software solutions, IoT platforms or assistive technologies that support clients to live independently in their own home, improve the daily working lives of carers and help home care providers manage their operations more effectively.

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In no particular order, the Top 20 Home Care Solutions for 2020 are:

Birdie Care
Birdie is a tool designed to help home care providers manage their care and make their agency smarter. It includes an app for care workers that allows them to log in and out of their visits, capture their daily logs and medication records, plus an Agency Hub for office staff to track and manage everything in real time. Birdie helps providers save time by reducing admin, auditing time and collecting paper, so they can focus on their most pressing issues and things that matter for their business. Through the app, family members can also receive daily care updates on the safety and well-being of their relative.

CareLineLive’s total home care management system is designed to make providers’ businesses more efficient, giving carers more time to care and providing peace of mind for clients and their families. Care management and rostering is made easier as all information is centralised and easily accessible through the Carer app. The system also allows providers to be more responsive as they can make updates, such as medication changes, in real time, though electronic MAR charts. Plus, call monitoring tells providers where carers are and when they have completed their visits. The system also offers a Family & Friends Portal that keeps family members up to date.

Home Aware was successfully trialled by Home Instead Senior Care last year.

Home Aware
Home Aware, developed by start-up company Anthropos Digital Care, is an IoT platform that connects to a range of monitoring devices and sensors in a client’s home and combines the data they collect. It then converts this data into information about a client’s home environment and their behaviour. This information can then be used to support improved care planning and delivery; help providers understand what is happening in the home when family members and carers aren’t around; provide reassurance for family members; and support pre-emptive care. The technology was successfully trialled by Home Instead Senior Care.

My Learning Cloud
My Learning Cloud puts care workers in control of their own training. The online tool allows them to top up their learning across regulation, safeguarding and best practice at a time that it is most convenient to them. And, as it is a cloud-based system, care managers can see who has completed what learning and when, in real time.

Talent Acquisition Suite
Developed by SmartRecruiters, the Talent Acquisition Suite is a cloud-based recruiting software platform designed to increase recruiter productivity, foster hiring team collaboration and enhance the candidate experience from source to hire. SmartRecruiters worked with Home Instead Senior Care to develop its applicant tracking platform, which allows owners to manage the end-to-end recruitment journey.

CareTec.AI enables predictive and preventative care.

CareTec.AI from Augmented Insights is a web-based platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enable predictive and preventative care. The technology ‘learns’ health and behavioural patterns and alerts care managers to deviations so they are able to make an informed decision. For example, a UTI could be picked up before a hospital or GP visit is required, due to changes in behaviour, such as regular trips to the bathroom.

Lifeline Smart Hub
The Smart Hub is Tunstall Healthcare UK’s first ‘connected care’ home unit with monitoring and alarm features. The device can link with up to 50 sensors, such as fire and fall detection, and enables the user to access help in their home 24/7. Alarm calls can be made by users by pressing a button on the hub unit or a pendant worn on the wrist or neck. The Smart Hub also collects data on environmental and behavioural changes to enable more personalised and predictive care, increasing efficiency. And it enables smart phone integration to allow family, friends and professional carers to monitor the user’s wellbeing.

Biodose Connect
Bidose Connect helps people take the right medication at the right time, promoting independence and self-care. The device features a tray that stores medications in 28 removable pods for up to seven days. Each pod is sealed, labelled and dispensed by a network of pharmacies. To reduce missing doses, tailored alerts can be created using flashing lights or customisable alerts. If medication is not removed, chosen contacts can receive a customised alert via text or email, and if users aren’t taking medication as prescribed, an online dashboard can offer timely interventions to support positive outcomes.

Supra C500 Keysafe permits carers and emergency service to access properties swiftly.

Supra C500 Keysafe
The Supra C500 Keysafe, developed by UTC, grants quick and secure access for loved ones, carers and emergency services. The Keysafe reduces time spent searching for keys, enabling care providers to focus solely on the care recipient. Additionally, the solution permits emergency services to access properties swiftly and deliver life-saving treatment for the patient.

Unique IQ
Unique IQ’s care management software provides domiciliary care agencies with an end-to-end solution for managing care. The software, which combines two systems – IQ:careplanner, a workforce management tool, and IQ:timecare, an electronic call monitoring system – benefits providers by digitising processes, freeing up time and supporting care workers to deliver better outcomes.

Nourish Care
Nourish Care’s electronic care planning system allows frontline care professionals to record and log notes easier, faster and more clearly. It eliminates the need for paper data recording, ultimately making it safer and more efficient for carers. In turn, this frees up time for a more person-centred approach to care, allowing carers to spend more time on human interaction than completing admin.

Unique IQ’s care management software.

PainChek uses artificial intelligence and smartphone technology to give a voice to people who cannot verbalise their pain. It provides carers the ability to identify the presence of pain, when pain isn’t obvious; quantify the severity level of pain; and monitor the impact of treatment. To explain how it works, a care worker uses a smart phone camera to record a short video of the person’s face. PainChek then analyses the images using facial recognition analytics. The technology recognises facial muscle movements that indicate pain and takes note of them. Next, the carer uses PainChek to record their observations of pain-related behaviours. Finally, the solution calculates an overall pain score and stores the result, allowing the carer to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time.

The PASSsystem, powered by everyLIFE Technologies, is a digital home care management platform that provides a single view of care records, from medication and task changes, to reviews, and automates the process of assessments – meaning less time printing and disseminating, less time duplicating notes and less time on administration. The platform allows managers to update the care plan, ensuring care workers are notified of medication or task changes in real time.

OvernGuard is a small, simple electrical safety device that is placed next to an electric hob, oven or cooker. The client presses the red button and uses the cooker as usual, but if they you forget that the cooker is turned on, OvenGuard turns it off. An Assisted Living Hub connects OvenGuard to the internet, allowing for remote monitoring of cooking activities. An email alert can be sent if there has been no cooking for a set period of time, allowing family members or care workers to intervene if necessary. The Web Application shows a ‘histogram’ of daily cooking and when an email alert has been sent.

Access People Planner
The Access People Planner, developed by The Access Group, enables providers to schedule staff, based on call times and geographical location, allowing care professionals to reduce the amount of time they spend on the road and increase the time spent with their clients. Text and email functions are also built into the software, allowing managers to contact the entire team from one place. The planner shows reports on all employees and the status of tasks relating to them and enables providers to manage training and qualifications, as well as sick days and holidays.

PAMAN allows pharmacists to support people to take their medications safely.

PAMAN is the UK’s first remote monitoring system that allows pharmacists to support people to take their medications safely at home via an internet enabled audio/video hub. The Medihub uses either broadband, 4G or 5G to connect with the PAMAN monitoring centre operated by the Medication Support Company. PAMAN also uses eMAR charts to record all medications taken by the individual to ensure that the dispensed medication is taken correctly. Like Biodose Connect, this solution has the potential to help care providers limit ‘popping-in visits’ where they observe their clients taking medication, allowing them to carry out more, longer visits.

Multi-sensor Fall Detector
Essence, a global Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has developed a multi-sensor fall detector in partnership with US technology company Texas Instruments (TI). The fall detector, set to launch in the UK market this year, uses TI’s mmWave sensor to track the position of elderly people living at home. If there is a sudden change from a standing to lying position, the device uses its internal decision-making mechanism to determine if a fall has occurred. Care providers are then notified through Essence’s Care@Home senior monitoring platform.

ARMED identifies individuals who are at increasing risk of falling prior to an adverse event occurring.

Launched in 2017, ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) was developed by HAS Technology in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University. ARMED uses key health metrics alongside wearable device data to identify individuals who are at increasing risk of falling prior to an adverse event occurring. For health and social care professionals ARMED helps to flag up risks and trends and provides a more comprehensive insight into the health and wellbeing of the client. It also promotes self-management and increases awareness of activity.

Karantis360 is an automated personal monitoring and alerting system developed specifically to promote independent living. The system uses non-intrusive sensors to monitor movement, humidity, and temperature across a home, enabling a care organisation to rapidly gain a picture of each individual’s day to day routine – information that is then key to flagging changes which could reveal a problem. Arming carers with evidenced data enables them to intervene at the right time and create a care programme that best suits the needs of the individual. Since every moment that a carer spends with their client is precious, a solution that identifies a client problem prior to arriving at their home means that it can be dealt with immediately and in a timely manner.

Care Plan and Assessment Tool
Log my Care announced the launch of its new Care Plan and Assessments tool in October 2019 to “revolutionise” how care plans are created and managed. The new tool is designed to save time, whilst enabling care managers to create individual care plans that meet CQC’s requirements. The solution was developed after research carried out by Log my Care identified several common problems in the care planning process. One of the most frequent complaints was having to enter the same basic information – such as name and date of birth – again and again in lots of different places. With the tool, this information now needs to be entered just once, saving time, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. Log my Care says that unlike other care planning tools, this tool seamlessly links information, including the initial pre-assessment report, a full set of care plans and a full set of risk assessments.

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