Right at Home CEO offers solution for tackling social care reform

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The CEO of Right at Home has put forward his opinion on how the government should tackle social care reform, and it doesn’t involve cross-party talks.

Speaking to Home Care Insight, Ken Deary said the “only way to come up with a long-term solution” is to put together a government advisory group comprising of key industry leaders.

He suggested that these leaders could be drafted in from social care associations, including United Kingdom Homecare Association and Care England; commercial businesses that serve the sector; the NHS; and the Care Quality Commission.

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“Collectively, their aim would be to put together a set of alternative proposals for the cross-party politicians to consider,” Deary explained.

The CEO went on to say that proposed cross-party talks are unlikely to help resolve the challenges facing the social care sector.

“The idea of cross party talks for a long-term solution is definitely appealing. However, given the quarrels over Brexit, I see little chance of any sensible long-term compromise solutions being reached by parties left to their own devices,” he argued.

“I also respectfully do not believe that politicians and their advisors understand the level of detail that is necessary to come up with a long-term workable and affordable solution.”

Deary also said he feels strongly that in recent times political ideology has hindered a successful compromise solution being reached, with proposals “lacking the correct industry expertise” needed to overcome sector challenges.

“I passionately believe politicians should listen to expert led non-political solutions rather than thinking they know the answers based on their political beliefs,” he said.

“That said, in the short term the Government must allocate more ring-fenced funding to social care and bear their teeth by imposing a minimum price for local authority-supported home care.”

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