Right at Home CEO slams media over lack of positive social care stories

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The CEO of Right at Home UK has slammed the British media over its focus on negative social care stories.

Speaking to Home Care Insight, Ken Deary (pictured) said he is “sick to death” of reading bad press about care providers, which “undervalue” the role of care workers, and urged the media to pay attention to positive stories about hard working staff.

“You might get one bad case out of 100,000 visits and that’s all the press focuses on,” he said. “It’s about time people started talking up this sector because it is a fantastic sector and the people who work in it are such lovely people.”

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Deary went on to say that frontline care professionals should take pride in the work they do and stop describing themselves as “just a care worker”.

“These people are changing lives. You go into businesses where people have fancy titles, but are they doing anything that’s really meaningful? These guys are,” he said.

Deary’s comments were echoed by Professor Martin Green at the recent Care England conference.

Green, the CEO of Care England, said television programmes such as 24 Hours in A&E create a positive impression of NHS staff, however, the media fails to produce such positive programmes about the hard-working staff in social care.

“The reality is the BBC and the plethora of other channels are not going to look at social care in the same way they look at the NHS, so in a way, we have to do some of that for ourselves,” he said.

“The other night I looked at the amount of what might be described as propaganda that’s in the media about the NHS.

“I saw GP’s: Behind Closed Doors, Inside the Ambulance, 24 hours in A&E, the list was endless. What those programmes do is they create an impression of the staff being in the health service. We are not seen in that context.”

The full interview with Ken Deary, CEO of Right at Home UK, will be published later this month.

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  1. I could not agree more! Daily, hundreds of thousands of hours of care support enable older and disabled people to remain living in their own home or in the residential placement they have moved to.
    I have been a home care provider since 1980 and at a time of Council and Central Government cuts in spending, the majority of , care providers and their care staff, are going the extra mile because they understand the situation as it is but are working with it. The excellent services provided should be talked about, to give the people who need care support, confidence, not anxiety and fear.

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