Safety alarms offered to Good Oaks carers as the nights draw in

Wimbledon and Kingston alarms – carer Monica Velez

Good Oaks Home Care’s Wimbledon and Kingston branch is offering personal alarms to all team members in a bid to help them feel safer as they work through the winter.

Both male and female Good Oaks carers have been able to pick up a free alarm from the Wimbledon office since the clocks changed.

All alarms come with a torch and, should the person feel threatened, they can pull the cord and the alarm will emit a loud noise that is meant to startle an attacker and alert passers-by to the situation.

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The team said they wanted everyone to feel extra safe during the dark winter months.

Director Arpan Patel said: “We wanted to do everything we can to help our carers feel safe, especially during the winter, when so many of us commute in the dark. No one should feel worried on their way to or from work, but it can be a real concern in the dark, so we wanted to do what we could to help.”

Patel has also announced pay rises for all carers this month.

He added: “We are so proud to work with an incredibly caring team. We believe that carers should be rewarded for the amazing job they do to help the community. We are delighted to say that this month we have given an additional pay rise on top of our already industry-leading rates of pay.”

Caption: Care worker Monica Velez with her personal alarm.

Sarah Clarke

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