Scheme that allows families to trial live-in care hailed a success by provider founder

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A scheme that allows people and their families to experience live-in care for a trial period has been hailed a success, 10 months on from its launch.

Mumby’s Live-in Care, a family business which operates across the South of England, launched the initiative at the beginning of the year, with the aim to relieve stress for families who are often forced into making hurried decisions about a loved one’s care after a fall or hospital stay.

The live-in care trial is designed to give people more time to discuss their care options and provide quick access to care.

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Mumby’s Live-in Care director Ann Mumby (pictured) told HCI: “We wanted people to experience the benefits of live-in care without the commitment, so we encourage people to basically have a trial period. If you’re going to go into a care home, it is more of a lasting decision and generally people are thinking about selling their homes to fund that.

“With our campaign, you can try live-in care for a fortnight, a month, or whatever you feel is suitable for you review it. And then you can decide whether live-in care is for you or not – it certainly isn’t for everybody. But I feel that, and it is born out in statistics, that people are far better and safer in their own homes, so the message we’re really trying to get out is ‘try it’ and see if it’s an option that suits you.”

Commenting on the success of the scheme, Ann said: “A lot of people are surprised when we speak to them about how they can try live-in care for a month or two. They have it in their heads that a decision has to be made straight away.

“If someone has an elderly relative who is at crisis point they’re thinking ‘what on earth do I do?’ So it’s quite nice to be able to say ‘give this solution a try, and if it doesn’t work, there are others’. It gives everybody – daughters, sons and other relatives – time to sit back, draw breath and think rationally about the way forward.”

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