Software provider ‘Quik’ off the mark with new home care shop

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Caption: Quikplan managing director Nick Patrick (right), with account and social marketing manager Brad Coleman.

British home care software provider Quikplan is rebranding itself as a “one-stop shop” for the sector as it looks to provide a more comprehensive service to make care agencies’ jobs more cost effective and hassle free.

The company is known for its cloud-based staff rostering, care management and finance system that automates time-consuming administrative tasks whilst reinforcing CQC compliance.

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And in the past 12 months Quikplan has built on this offering with the launch of a home care shop to meet their customer’s daily needs.

The shop, which is being expanded, currently sells gloves, aprons, hand gels and Near Field Communication tags.

NFC tags are programmed with a unique identification number, which is assigned to a service user, and placed in the home. When a carer attends the home, they can swipe the tag using their mobile phone, and their confirmation of attendance is fed up to Quikplan.

Quikplan founder and managing director Nick Patrick said: “What we want to do is provide a rounded service where agencies can cut down their administration by having one go-to company. At the end of the day, buying gloves is not super exciting, but if you are working on your Quikplan programme and you can use the ‘Shop’ tab to buy them there and then, and then go back to what you were doing, that saves you a lot of time and effort. If we can provide a more complete solution then that will benefit the providers.”

Brad Coleman, Quikplan account and social marketing manager, added: “The shop is really easy to use; you just click on what you want to order and you don’t have to type any details in because it’s linked to your account and it goes straight onto your invoice. All of our customers have access to the shop, but the biggest thing now is making our clients aware that we have those things and we can make their lives easier.”

Quikplan has also recently introduced an auto-allocation system within the programme that automatically assigns a carer in the right place based on their location, their experience and their training.

Another update to Quikplan’s features is a bespoke care plan assessment, which is now available through the Clients tab.

“The assessment option has a body map on it, so you can actually click on the body, where the ailment might be. It then says what the ailment is and how to treat it and you can print the assessment off and hand it to the carers,” Coleman said

An interview with Quikplan will be published this month.

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