Southampton housing with care provision saves NHS £330K per year

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Southampton City Council is leading the way with its housing with care provision, saving the health care economy more than 300,000 per year, a report has found.

The city’s current provision of 169 units has been producing an annual health cost benefit of 334,069, and that figure is set to rise to nearly £900,000 over the next 10 years when another 150 plus units are built.

The report was carried out by The Housing Learning and Improvement Network to investigate the impact of housing with care on healthcare systems.

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When quantified, the report said, it was possible to estimate that for each person living in housing with care settings, the financial benefit to the NHS was approximately £2,000 per person per annum.

The report, Identifying the health care system benefits of housing with care, also found other benefits of housing with care, which included improved individual outcomes for residents such as improved quality of life, reductions in hospital stays and reduced loneliness.

“There is a strong case for expanding the development of housing with care in Southampton to increase and maximise these health care system cost benefits, as well as expanding housing and care choices for older citizens,” the report said.

“There is an opportunity for the city council to use this evidence to engage with the health services to develop a shared vision for the expansion of housing with care services. A partnership approach to supporting housing with care between health, social care and housing professionals should be encouraged to maximise on its benefits.”

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