Spending Review must lay the foundations for social care reform, says ADASS president


The president of ADASS has today called on the government to use its upcoming Spending Review to underline its commitment to adult social care.

The Spending Review, due to be published on November 25, will set out resource budgets for 2021/22.

The government had previously confirmed it was scrapping a proposed multi-year spending review, the first of its kind in more than a decade, after those plans were thrown off course by the coronavirus crisis.

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ADASS president James Bullion said: “The Spending Review is an opportunity to provide certainty to those of us with care and support needs and our families, guarantee funding, enable us to continue to respond to COVID-19 and its legacy and to prioritise capital invention and prevention.
“The government must use the Spending Review to signal just how central adult social care is to our society and underline its commitment to millions of working-age disabled people, older people, family carers and those who work in adult social care. This is an opportunity to lay the foundations for its reform proposals and to create the space for a public conversation about the type of care and support we all want for ourselves and our families for decades to come. This should be a pivotal moment for adult social care.”

The government said the review will build on its support for businesses, families and the economy and focus on three areas: providing departments with the certainty they need to tackle COVID-19; giving public services enhanced support to continue to fight the virus alongside delivering “first class” frontline services; and investing in infrastructure to “unite and level up the economy” and drive the economy.

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