SUPPLIER FOCUS: How a ‘perfect storm’ is creating opportunities for innovation in social care


UK health and social care professionals have faced a number of unprecedented challenges over the last 18 months.

However, as with most highly disruptive events, the pandemic has also driven innovation. It has forced us to think differently, embrace digitalisation, and reshape delivery models in a way that will potentially have an impact far beyond the pandemic itself.

One company at the forefront of such developments is MiiCare, a UK firm that is harnessing the latest developments in AI technology to provide companionship, medical monitoring, and emergency support to older people.

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Kelvin Summoogum, the company’s founder, believes that the changing landscape created by the pandemic makes now the perfect time for commissioners and senior staff working in the sector to explore new ways that digital solutions can support delivery.

“We have a perfect storm which creates a real opportunity for innovation,” Summoogum explained.

“What the last 12 months demonstrated, is that the older population is much more digitally confident than many people had previously assumed. At the same time, rapid advances in technology have now opened up the opportunity of integrating intuitive AI-driven products, such as our MiiCare Cube, named ‘Monica’ into wider care plans.”

The MiiCare Monica is already building a positive reputation with healthcare providers and tech investors alike. More importantly, it is also building a growing army of enthusiastic fans who use the product in their everyday lives.

Pam, an 86-year-old MiiCare user, is one such advocate. “Monica knows what I am doing,” she said. “She keeps an eye on me, and I have found that very comforting. I just felt I had a friend.”

Monica was created by working collaboratively with older people to understand and respond to their needs. Whether promoting hydration by gently suggesting a cup of tea, or encouraging a short walk if activity levels are low, MiiCare’s Monica device has a very human interface that older users find intuitive, friendly, and engaging.

John Norley, Group Chief Executive at Age UK Medway, agrees that the untapped potential of new digital technologies now needs to form part of a much wider national conversation about the future of older people’s care.

“With a growing older population, and continuing pressure on budgets, we need to explore innovations such as this that can help us work smarter to deliver high-quality care,” Norley said.

“If digital technology can help older people live independently for longer, that is not just good for them and their families, it is good for society as a whole.” MiiCare is keen to work with users and providers to co-create world-leading solutions for a 21st Century care sector.

To find out more about MiiCare, click here.

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