Tech firms to deliver ground-breaking selfie app that measures vital signs

Lifelight® & Karantis360 v2

Two AI-driven tech firms have formed a joint venture to deliver an integrated solution that supports remote monitoring and allows the contactless measurement of a person’s vital signs in less than one minute.

Announcing the merger, Lifelight and Karantis360 said their partnership will enable early hospital discharge and prevent hospital admission by empowering clinicians and care providers to make informed decisions based on a complete picture of an individual’s health, in real-time.

Lifelight, developed by Xim, is a technological solution that allows contactless measurement of vital signs in just 40 seconds using a selfie taken on a standard smartphone or tablet, with no additional hardware. 

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The technology works by detecting tiny changes in facial skin colour that occurs each time the heart beats – including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and oxygen saturations. 

Karantis360, an at-home monitoring and predictive care management solution, has been designed to transform the delivery of care for people with physical and mental health needs.

Harnessing innovative AI technology, Karantis360 supports older and vulnernable people to live independently at home for longer.

Combined, the two companies are set to deliver a holistic remote view of a person’s wellbeing, allowing not only for timely interventions, but also the appropriate clinical actions based on real-time behavioural and physiological data.

Laurence Pearce, CEO and founder of Lifelight, commented: “We’re energised by our partnership with Karantis360 and the ability to further support care providers, especially during the pandemic. Our joint solution allows behavioural and vital sign readings of individuals in their homes and care settings to be taken regularly, safely and has optimised clinicians’ workflow. It saves the need for emergency call outs, unnecessary patient travel and added disruption.

“As we’ve seen, COVID-19 has meant phone and online GP consultations are taking over face-to-face appointments, but often physical observations still need to be done and our solution can reduce many of those appointments, improving patient care and supporting clinical decision-making.”

Helen Dempster, founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Karantis360, said: “The partnership with Lifelight represents a key step forward for Karantis360 and social care.  With embedded contactless vital sign monitoring it’s possible for the first time to obtain behavioural data and clinical observations side-by-side, from not only older patients but those with learning disabilities, mental health problems or even dementia. Underpinned by AI, this ensures that the solution is forever improving and continues to lay the foundations for wider population health screening and data-driven insights, driving optimal standards of care.”

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