Two thirds of UK businesses in the dark over carbon net zero


Only 30% of UK businesses have a net zero strategy, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 senior business decision makers by YouGov on behalf of Veolia found that less than a third (29%) of UK businesses have a strategy for reaching carbon net zero.

However, more than half of larger companies (250-plus employees) surveyed (52%) had a net zero strategy and 61% of these also felt their reputation would be negatively affected if they failed to commit to achieving their carbon targets.

Positively, environmental concern was the biggest driver (72%) for businesses with a net zero strategy trying to meet their carbon targets, with reputation second (60%).

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Despite low numbers committing to a carbon net zero strategy, 80% of those who did are very confident of achieving their goals.

Investment (40%) and government legislation (39%) were the most popular types of support businesses with a net zero strategy would like to see to reach their carbon targets.

12% said they did not need any external support, however.

Meanwhile, 56% of businesses with a net zero strategy said they have set a budget for their carbon strategy and 40% of UK businesses surveyed are currently employing third parties for carbon offsetting practices.

Gavin Graveson, senior executive vice president at Veolia Northern Europe Zone, said: “Just over 40% of UK businesses may feel overwhelmed by the steps they need to take to reach carbon neutrality, but every step businesses take makes a difference to our planet, protecting it for future generations.

“We need to see more industries commit to a robust strategy to reduce their environmental impact, whether that be through use of electric vehicles, cleaner energy supplies or reduced packaging.”

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