‘Virtual Shifts’ launch at Newcross Healthcare to offer complex care training

Newcross complex care

Newcross Healthcare has announced the launch of five new virtual training environments for carers providing complex care at home.

Available on Newcross World, a new app-based training platform, the ‘Virtual Shifts’ use computer gaming technology to provide immersive, interactive experiences that train nurses and carers to better assess an individual’s physical, clinical and emotional needs.

The shifts feature several scenarios, all of which are based on real-life situations.

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In the complex care at home scenarios, staff meet Kesia, a young lady who lives with a range of complex physical care needs. Enablement trips out are important for boosting Kesia’s confidence, and staff are trained how to safeguard Kesia’s wellbeing as well as meet her physical needs as they take her out to lunch.

Michelle Gorringe, COO of Newcross Healthcare said: “As well as testing knowledge, these shifts enable nurses and carers to learn how to make decisions in an array of situations. To provide clinical excellence, our nurses and carers are trained to meet an individual’s emotional needs as well as their physical and clinical requirements.”

Accessible anywhere, any time of night or day, Newcross World enables nurses and carers to re-appraise their existing professional skills and qualify in new areas without having to login to a desk-based computer.

Newcross believes greater convenience is expected to provide a significant increase in staff seeking to engage in training for different care and nursing roles.

And this continual professional development is expected to increase the number of care hours that staff can provide by as much as 50%.

The app also calibrates to local regulatory requirements across UK countries, as well as supporting changes in local or national needs such as those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gorringe added: “I have a background in nursing myself, so I know how nurses and carers struggle to balance their personal and professional lives and how hard it is to find time for training and career development. I also understand how challenging it can be to gain the clinical skills required to work in new care environments.

“Newcross World creates a pioneering, virtual learning environment in which nurses and carers can develop their careers, helping us to deliver outstanding care in a way that is kind, thoughtful and dignified.”

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