WATCH: Field supervisor awarded first class degree for ‘domiciliary dance’ project

A field care supervisor employed at Alcedo Care has been awarded a first class degree in dance after using his training and knowledge on the subject to improve the lives of his clients.

Paul Wilson, who works at the provider’s Blackpool branch, has been delivering therapeutic dance sessions to Alcedo Care clients since the beginning of the year, either dancing for them or with them to raise their spirits, give them an emotional release and help them manage stress during lockdown.

Using his knowledge of the physical and mental health benefits of dance, Paul put together a research project to establish how dance can be safely integrated into a domiciliary setting, and how and to what degree dance can improve and enrich the lives of home care clients.

Based on the results of his research, Paul has made a series of recommendations as to how dance should be adopted in all domiciliary settings to improve lives.

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Alcedo Care said it is “delighted” to have been able to facilitate Paul’s research into improving the lives of home care clients and congratulated him on achieving his first class degree.

Looking to the future, Paul will be returning to Edge Hill University to study for a postgraduate MSc in Adult Nursing.

He hopes to go on to do more work around the health benefits of dance and one day create a much wider project using dance to improve the health and wellbeing of many more people.

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