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Fosse Healthcare, a home care provider with offices across the East Midlands, has shared the strategies it is using to keep hold of its valued staff amid a widespread shortage of care workers.

This follows the launch of HCI’s Workforce Retention Techniques series, which aims to inspire home care providers by shining a spotlight on employee retention best practices.

Fosse Healthcare’s top Workforce Retention Techniques, penned by managing director Volt Sacco, are as follows:

Listening lunch

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Fosse Healthcare hosts regular drop-in lunches for staff to have a chat amongst themselves and its directors over a slice of pizza, or three.

We run these to spend time with the carers and the branch team with an ‘open door’ approach. It’s healthy discussion about challenges, ideas, key risks, suggestions and more. We then take action and get back to them about what we’ve done and what we are considering for the future. The carers love it as they feel they are engaged and listened to.

Health Assured

As part of our commitment to building a friendly, safe and inclusive environment for our staff, Fosse Healthcare has signed an initial 12-month contract with mental health and wellbeing service, Health Assured, to offer a full-service Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to its office and care professionals.

The programme offers employees a confidential support system designed to help with any personal or professional problems which could be affecting their home life, work life, health or wellbeing.

Though delivered through Fosse Healthcare, this is not a benefit solely to be used for the purpose of ensuring staff are fit to work – it is a free all-rounder service which will give support for their personal life too.

Newark pilot scheme

In Newark, we are running a very successful pilot scheme where carers perform tasks traditionally performed by a nurse. It demonstrates the untapped potential of home carers, a genuine career progression and increased retention rates, as well as the value to the whole health and social care system when domiciliary care works in partnership with primary care.

(Revisit HCI for more on this)

Additional ways Fosse values its carers

We also run rewards schemes and competitions, carers get vouchers and a hand written card from me and we offer competitive terms of employment.

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