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Promedica24, Europe’s largest provider of live-in care, has shared the strategies it is using to keep hold of its valued staff amid a widespread shortage of care workers.

This follows the launch of HCI’s Workforce Retention Techniques series, which aims to inspire home care providers by shining a spotlight on employee retention best practices.

Promedica24’s top Workforce Retention Techniques, penned by recruitment director, Grzegorz Wrzosek, are as follows:

Values-based recruitment

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What we’ve found to be most important in keeping hold of our employees is recognising that retention starts with recruitment. To put it simply, recruiting people with the right set of values and behaviours to ensure you’re hiring people who’re suitable for the role. As we like to say at Promedica24, a career in care is more of a calling, one that attracts people who truly want to make a difference in people’s lives. Our staff support people living with complex disabilities and health conditions – people who draw on their support to lead more independent lives. When we recruit, we look for people with particular qualities and behaviours to ensure they’re suited for the often-varied nature of the role.

High-quality training and sustained opportunities for professional development

Care personnel are skilled and vital workers, ensuring the safety and happiness of those who draw on their support. Training and qualifications are a vital component of future-proofing our workforce and both attracting and retaining talent. Promedica24 works in collaboration with The Skills Network to upskill our workforce, producing award-winning training courses which give our staff the confidence to manage even the most challenging of situations. Additionally, we have numerous opportunities for our staff to grow and develop in their careers. We have a progression pathway for staff to work towards senior positions and are developing a scheme that will see mentoring positions created in the new year. Staff who would like to progress their skills and knowledge are encouraged to do so by pursuing qualifications, with the assistance of our professional development fund.  

Competitive rates of pay and benefits

Recruitment is tough right now, and that’s well documented across most industries. Despite the skilled and varied nature of working in social care, care workers are amongst some of the lowest-paid staff in the UK. Our care team are at the very core of our business and deserve to be fairly rewarded for the life-changing work they do every day. We offer a market-leading salary and a variety of benefits to our staff, including discounts at shops and restaurants, a referral scheme, and access to a virtual GP. For our care managers, we offer company cars and paid travel expenses so they can focus on providing the highest quality care for the families they support.

Personalised support

We have a team of dedicated support managers for each of our care workers. If they have any issues or concerns, a member of the team is on hand to ensure they get the support they need. Promedica24’s Quality Assurance director, Paula Beaney, recognises the value and importance of teamwork and facilitates an open, positive and inclusive organisational culture. By engaging staff in decision making, Paula has created a productive working environment in which every member of the team feels valued for their knowledge and contributions. This has translated to high levels of staff morale, satisfaction and retention.

Listen to your employees

We understand that being an employer of choice is a continuous process and there is always room for improvement. To find those areas where you can improve, getting your employees’ views and opinions provides a great deal of insight. We conduct frequent staff satisfaction and engagement surveys to identify areas for improvement and highlight where Promedica24 is going above and beyond as an employer. Having these channels of communication and feedback open ensures that our employees feel that they can voice any concerns or issues in a safe environment.

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